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My Place

 Mon – Thursday 5am-10am & 8pm -3am

Friday 5am-Sunday 3am


My place is a private residence in the heart of the city at Yonge and Bloor. My preference is for you to visit me, there’s an element of safety for me that provides comfort but also a variety of toys and outfits at my finger tips which allows us to have a fantastic time together. I will take one day off a week which will change weekly.  I do have the ability to be flexible with my availability so if you require an visit with me that doesn’t fit into the hours above shoot me an email or text and I will make arrangements to accommodate you. My only request is that you give me ample notice. 

Your Place

I only visit your place for two hours or more. I also require transportation there and back and in some cases a deposit. I will not visit low grade hotels nor residences in rural underdeveloped areas. I do NOT visit anyone for half an hour.

A Few Short Words About The Value Of Time

John Lennon immortalized Allen Saunders statement regarding the nuances of life soo perfectly when he sang “Life is what happens to you while you are busy making other plans.”  No words ring truer however the value I place on time, both yours and mine, is soo high that even with the understanding that unforeseen events can prevent you from honoring the time you’ve booked with me it still leaves me with a loss of time and money. 

When you book again I will be expecting 50% deposit placed just to ensure we both share the same understanding on the high value of our time.

In the same spirit I do require a 50% deposit when requesting we plan to spend more than two hours together, plan overnight or longer adventures.

Booking Your Appointments.

My preferred mode of communication is via text message. I ask that you do not call simply because in the past too many people abused the privilege by being vulgar that I have decided simply not to pick up any longer.  Email works as a second option and you can send your request by filling out the form below.  

Pre-Booking is always preferred however not mandatory to escape and share few hours enjoying each other’s company, being the flexible creature I am both physically and mentally I can usually accommodate same day request for quick moments, however should we be so lucky to find time to spend a full day, or an overnight or even a short trip together I would really appreciate as much notice as possible.


I’m Grateful To Say That I Am Becoming Busier By The Day. Consequently I  Am Finding That Accommodating  Same Day Requests Is Becoming Difficulty to Say The Least. I Highly Recommend Booking In Advance, but ONLY if you are 100% sure.

Wanna Leave Me A Voice Mail?

I have removed the calendar due to it being a poorly made plugin. Please feel free to use the private request for appointment feature below Or feel free to leave me a confidential voicemail. 




Can’t Wait To Meet You!

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