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A Note From Harley



Thank you for considering spending time with me; Toronto’s Favorite Independent Escort With The Magic Mouth. I value and appreciate your attention immensely. Below you will find a tantalizing description of what we can do to fill our time together, along with my boundaries, and some tips on how to make our time together amazing. I hope we have an opportunity to connect soon*

 Meet Me – 100.

 Join me for 1/2 hour coffee break where we delve into each other ensuring our connection is solid and our interests are aligned. This is really just coffee.

 A Brief Interlude   – 300

An hour is never enough to explore all the nuances of our primal desires however it’s a beautiful beginning.

  Extended Interlude – 450

For a first meeting one hour and a half is my preferred drink and catch up while leaving ample time for our activities to be non rushed and enjoyed at a pace that leaves us breathless and satisfied.

 Impatient Escapades – 600

Two full hours to enjoy each other’s company and explore the hidden desires that lay deep inside our erotic minds. Not rushed and fully present I long to discover all that you keep hidden from the outside world as we connect and indulge our most primal fantasies together.

 Hedonistic Discoveries – 1100

With four hours at our disposal there is no telling all that we will get into, is there? Maybe we will share a meal or catch a movie, or even better perhaps we are too engrossed to be bothered getting dressed and sharing each other with the world outside.

 Sated Cravings – 2500

Finally able to slip away and satisfy our carnal cravings with 12 uninterrupted hours together where anything is on the table and our sense of adventure is on high alert. Join me for an entire half day of laughter, conversation a good meal and the opportunity to indulge in our hedonistic urges whenever we please

 Ultimate Indulgence – 3500

A full 24 hours of uninterrupted pleasure and delight as we have the opportunity to plan a day and night completely to ourselves. Where anything and everything is our option and we can delve into each other’s pleasure zones without concern about time constraints.


At NO Point In Time Will I Ever Offer BBFS. Don’t throw money at me. Don’t Tell Me You Were Just Checked. Don’t Talk To Me About How You Can’t Feel Anything With the Condom. Don’t tell Me You’ll Only See Me Exclusively. Don’t Care. Not Interested In You Or That Service. And For All Those Wealthy Dubai Princes Who Just Need A Monetary Value To Fully Comprehend the Rejection Here You Go. 100K One shot. One Hour. Paid upfront.

No Finishing in My Mouth or On My Face. Not even protected.

I Do Not Visit Greece. Playing Around That Area is Ok. No Insertion.

Same Goes My Other Region A little South of Greece. Playing Around Is Fine but No Insertion.

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*these are out call prices and may be subjected to a transportation fee

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