Fetish and Domination

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Fetish and Domination


I adore exploring both Fetish and Domination play. As a TRADITIONAL Professional Dominatrix I am well versed and highly skilled in various forms of BDSM play, from Chastity & Sissification to Financial Domination & Ownership to of course all kinds of fetish and Domination play.  I would be honoured to be at the helm of your first or fiftieth Fetish and or Domination experience. Please note I do not offer sessions where I am submissive, however if the scene intrigues me and sparks my desire to explore I may be persuaded to offer such services. You will have to email me the particulars so that I may take your request into consideration.

Please add an additional 100.00 phr up to 4 hours.

This service does not include any “washroom”activities.

Contact Harley for specific requests.

 Fetish and Domination

Playing Safely With



I am a professional Dominatrix with many years experience in BDSM both personally and professionally. I indulge in both Safe Sane & Consensual  and  Risk Aware Consensual Kink practices. This is absolutely mandatory to ensure your safety. It is also the reason that I do not provide HH sessions for Fetish and Domination or BDSM services. When you book a Domme Session, the last 5-10 minutes will be spent on Aftercare this is non-negotiable and mandatory. Half an Hour is just not enough time for us to have the naughty session that we most certainly want to have and ensure responsible BDSM Fetish Or Domination play occurs. Please note I am A Traditional Domme. I do not offer Full Services During Sessions.

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I am very aware that it can be difficult talking about our particularly unique desires. Rest assured I have seen, heard and more than likely experienced elements of what you wish to explore with me. I create judgement free, open and comforting space where you and I can delve into the particulars of our desires. However sometimes it’s just easier to write it all out before you see me. Please feel free to use the form below as a means to reach out. 

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