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Introducing Harley Synn…..


Picture a graceful confident sexy woman just shy of 5 foot 7,  emanating confidence and sexiness standing before you. This is Harley Synn. A word of advice, I would study her and take her in before she opens her mouth because once she does you will be lost. This is the last time you will feel like you have any control in front of this woman.

Start at her short whimsical hair, which from experience could be any color at any given time, for me, it will always be red. She is my muse, ever changing with a powerfully seductive combination of innocence and curiosity.  Initially I wasn’t sure if it was a ruse. An intentional tactic to lure me away from rational thought for some nefarious agenda however after no more than 10 minutes in her presence I realized it’s not a ruse. She’s not even being intentional,she’s oblivious and intoxicating.

There really no words to describe Harley Synn, she’s is a force of incredible magnitude. However I will do my best so that you can be somewhat prepared for your encounter. 

I Am Drawn To Her…


 I find myself envious of how comfortable she is in her own skin with or without clothes. There is no distinction between the two for her. Her outlook on life is unusual and inspirational.

She unapologetically walks to the beat of her own drum with a view of the world unique to her and her alone. I often find myself aspiring to see the world through her lens. She is my muse, and a trusted friend. Flying her out to see me or flying in to see her I know that “the adventure” – as she calls it, is going to be anything but ordinary.

Her passion for life, love and pleasure are genuine. Her desire is unmatched, and boundless. Her adventurous spirit in the bedroom is fueled by curiosity and the need to ensure you both enjoy each other entirely. 

There’s something about this woman. It’s as if she can read deep inside your psyche, passed all the bullshit we tell ourselves and the bullshit we tell others. Somehow she is able to blow right all of those “insignificant things” (Harleyisms, you’ll love them) and find that real part of you. The hidden you the one that holds the key to your primal lust. Just like that she uncovers it and brings it out of you with ease. She creates this free, hedonistic and often perverse space and thoroughly enjoys exploring it with you. There is no judgement, no weird looks, no going through the motions.She is right there and loving every second of it.

Eye Candy


Her stunning body art accentuates the subtle outline of her collarbone and shoulder blades which are accentuated by her perfect neck. Her all natural 38 inch double D sized chest commands admiration and a quick silent prayer of thanks to Mother Nature or perhaps the Goddess Venus. 

 The beautiful curves that are smooth and inviting. It’s difficult not to admire how graceful her body seamlessly connects to all her parts.  It’s perfect transition from 38 inch chest into her 32 inch waist with to her defined yet softly curved 40 inch hips. She possesses the most beautifully shaped legs a man has ever seen with an ass that screams perfection. While she is absolutely gorgeous and her body art is incredibly well done and tasteful, it’s her whole essence that makes her so enthralling. Her beauty, confidence, and sexual liberalism is what makes her the full package perhaps even…


Toronto’s Favorite Independent Escort


It’s no easy feat describing Harley Synn. There are no words that could adequately prepare anyone for moments with her, she’s incredibly addicting. She is truly a force and what I find incredible is that she is completely oblivious to her power and influence. She has no idea how incredibly unique she truly is. Often  she will look at me and say “Doesn’t every one think like this?” – No Harley, they don’t but they should.

All About Harley Synn

You do not want to miss the chance to spend time with this extraordinary woman. Take your time and drink her all in because before long she will be gone and you will never know what heights your life could have reached had she been in your world. She has opened my world to endless possibilities and allowed me to achieve levels of happiness that I never thought possible. There is only one Harley. The world is just not ready for two.

– Jan 2017

M. Staples


A Note From Harley:

I find it incredibly difficult to describe myself the above was written by one of my most cherished clients. I was taken back by his “review” of me. Sometimes I read it and feel incredibly humbled and a little shocked, then I remember the most important thing; if that is what Mr. Staples experiences when we spend time together then it’s as real and true as the sun setting and rising each day. I am grateful for Mr. Staples being in my world as I am with every single one of my connections. If you made it to this sentence then I suspect I will enjoy the privilege of connecting with you. I can’t wait, see you soon. 



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